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200 SERIES - Cantilever Spring Technology

Polymer Concepts seals are designed to provide the optimum spring load and seal geometry required to maintain maximum sealing performance. The primary function of the spring is to provide loading to the polymer jacket to maintain sealing in low pressure applications. In addition, loading can be designed to accomodate critical low friction requirements in both reciprocating and slow rotary applications or provide high loading required for cryogenic sealing. Springs are designed to uniformly distribute loads around the sealing contact surface area. Hardware misalignment and side loading should be kept to a minimum. Side loading impacts a higher stress concentration to portions of the seal jacket, thereby causing excessive wear and limiting seal performance.Under extreme run-out or misalignment conditions, bearings are recommended as part of a sealing system solution. Polymer Concepts seals are available with a variety of spring energizers, each having distinct characteristics to meet specific performance requirements. Springs are fabricated from corrosion resistant metals such as 300 Series and 17-7PH stainless steel, Hastelloy® and cobalt nickel alloys. Elastomer o'rings can also be used as energizers as well as free flowing silicones.

Coil spring samples

The 200 Series Cantilever Spring is made from flat metal strip stock of 300 Series stainless steel or Elgiloy®, as required The strip stock is punched or chemically etched inta a serpentine pattern then formed into a rounded "V" shape. The finished spring produces a moderate load versus deflection range that is suitable for most dynamic applications. In the case of diameters less than 1", the same spring configuration can be produced from chemically etched rosettes that are formed into the “V" shape. The 200 Series rosettes are specifically designed and available in selected sizes from 1/8" to 7/8" diameters in cross sections of 1/16", 3/32", 1/8".

Please consult with the factory for your specific size.

Cantilever spring data