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Seals are an integral component and design decision across a variety of engineered applications.

“Seals are everywhere. My career has provided an ever-expanding experience of new applications, seal designs and material developments which show no signs of diminishing. They are a key component of our houses, domestic appliances and vehicles while transport and virtually all industries are totally dependent on them for safe and reliable operation. They are often treated as a trivial commodity product, but the costs and consequences of a failure can be substantial.”

Robert Flitney

Teflon Seals are a family of sealing solutions, utilizing Teflon and Teflon Filled variant materials, to meet demanding application requirements. Teflon has almost universal chemical resistance, the lowest coefficient of friction of any known solid material, and wide working temperature range. Considering these properties, Teflon is an excellent choice in material for high-performance seals. Teflon Seals are at home in Cryogenic Space and Aerospace applications, chemical intense biomedical and pharmaceutical applications, and even in semiconductor manufacturing and processing.

What are the Advantages of TEFLON® Seals?

Essentially Inert to All Chemicals

-450° to +600°F

High Pressure Capabilities

Low Friction

Improved Wear and Creep Resistance

Machined Precision Parts

FDA Approved

Unlimited Shelf Life

TEFLON® and Filled Teflon/PTFE Compounds

  • Commercial Grade Virgin PTFE

  • Premium Grade Virgin PTFE

  • Modified PTFE, TFM

  • Glass Fiber

  • Molybdenum Disulfide

  • Carbon Fiber

  • Graphite

  • Bronze

  • Ekonol® or Aromatic Polyester

  • Polymeric – PPS, Polyimide, Torlon®

  • Minerals – Mica, Wollastonite

  • virgin ptfe seal machined

    Commercial Grade Virgin PTFE

  • virgin ptfe seal machined

    Premium Grade Virgin PTFE

  • Modified PTFE Machined Seal

    Modified PTFE, TFM

  • glass fiber filled machined seal

    Glass Fiber

  • moly filled machined seal

    Molybdenum Disulfide

  • Carbon-Fiber-Filled-PTFE-e17db768

    Carbon Fiber PTFE

  • virgin ptfe seal machined

    Graphite PTFE

  • Bronze Filled Machined Seall

    Bronze PTFE

  • Ekonol® or Aromatic Polyester Machined Seal

    Ekonol® or Aromatic Polyester

  • pps tps filled ptfe seal

    Polymeric – PPS, Polyimide, Torlon®

  • Mineral Filled Seal

    Minerals – Mica, Wollastonite

Spring Energized TEFLON® Seals

Helical Spring

helical spring for mechanical ptfe teflon seals

The helical spring energizer design is intended for static applications due to the high unit load. It can be used in very slow or infrequent dynamic conditions when friction and wear are secondary concerns to positive sealing.

This spring energizer design produces an evenly distributed load across each individual band. Our in-house manufacturing team maintains minimal gaps between coils. This tight spacing provides continuous load, reducing potential leak paths and failures.

Cantilevered V-Spring

Cantilevered V-Spring

Cantilever V Spring Seals utilize a V-Shaped spring pressed into a seal jacket. At installation the Cantilevered V-Spring is compressed, pushing against the legs of the seal providing positive sealing pressure. This type of spring energizer has a linear load curve and significant deflection range.

Canted Coil Spring

Canted Coil Spring

Advanced Slant Coil Springs are made from round wire which is coiled and formed into an elliptical shape on an inclined position. Unlike any other types of springs, Advanced Slant Coil Springs produce near constant spring force over a wide range of working deflection and provide outstanding stress properties and fatigue life.

TEFLON® Seal Service Types

  • Reciprocating Rod and Piston Seals
  • Packing
  • Rotary Shaft Seals
  • Gaskets
  • Custom/Engineered Seals
  • Anti-Blowout Seals, Fully Contained Seals
  • Face Seals
  • High Pressure Seals
  • HPHT Seals with V-Packings
  • Cryogenic Valve Seals
  • HPLC Seals
  • Bidirectional Seals
  • Sanitary Seals
  • Labyrinth Seals

TEFLON® Components

  • Back Up Rings
  • Piston Cups and Rings
  • Bearings
  • Gaskets
  • Ball Seals
  • AODD Pump Balls
  • Spacer Rings
  • Bushings
  • V-Rings

Installing TEFLON® SEALS

Installation Ramp for Piston Seal

Installation Ramp for Piston Seal

Pusher to for Seal Placement Across Ramp

Pusher to for Seal Placement Across Ramp

Pusher Installs Seal into Gland

Pusher Installs Seal into Gland

Resizer Used to Fit Seal into Gland

Resizer Used to Fit Seal into Gland

Typical TEFLON® Seal Applications


  • Adhesive Dispensing Equipment
  • Compressors
  • Cryogenic Systems
  • Food Processing Pumps
  • Fluid Transfer Systems
  • Insulators
  • Mixers
  • Packagin
  • Vacuum Pumps

Life Sciences

  • Surgical Tools
  • Autoclave Pumps
  • Instrumentation
  • hematology Analyzers
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment


  • Actuators
  • Gearboxes
  • Turbine Seals
  • Landing Gears
  • Jet Engines
  • Oil Sumps
  • APUs
  • Rocket Engines
  • Launch Vehicles

Oil and Gas

  • Surface Drilling Equipment
  • Downhole Tools
  • Subsea and Deepwater Equipment
  • HPHT Environments
  • LWD/MWD Tools

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