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Polymer - UHMWPE

What are UHMWPE Seals? 

Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) is an extremely durable thermoplastic polymer. As part of the Polyethylene (PE) family, UHMWPE has a high resistance to chemicals, very low moisture absorption, impact strength, excellent abrasion, and wear resistance than other plastic polymers. UHMWPE is commonly used in sealing applications for a variety of industries including oil and gas, life sciences, food and beverage and more. 

Key Material Properties & UHMWPE Seal Temperature Range

UHMWPE has outstanding properties that present remarkable chemical and abrasion resistance features. Here are some key material properties of UHMWPE:

Material Code



Temperature Range,°F [°C]

Tensile Strength,       PSI [MPa]

Material Data Sheet

Polycon 08

Formulated UHMWPE


-450 [-268]

180 [82]



Polycon 24


White & Gold

-240 [-150]

180 [82]



* The information contained herein are typical values which falls within the normal range of properties. All information are intended for reference and comparison purposes only as general guideline for use at user discretion. They should not be used as a basis for design specifications or quality control. Polymer Concepts do not guarantee for results obtained with respect to the products.



Common Seal Types

Benefits of UHMWPE Seals

UHMWPE seals can be found in nearly every industry, performing where other plastic polymers may fall short. Some key benefits of UHMWPE seals include:

Wear Resistance

Tough & Durable

High Tensile Strength

Low Friction

Abrasion Resistant

Low Moisture Absorption

Light Weight

UHMWPE Seal Material Variations & Grades

UHMWPE is available in a variety of grades that offer enhanced benefits to meet your particular needs and application. Some typical UHMWPE grades include: 

  • UHMWPE – Gold


  • Virgin UHMWPE (Unfilled) – White

Common UHMWPE Seal Types

Some common UHMWPE seal types include:

⦁    Reciprocating Seals
⦁    Rotary Shaft Seals
⦁    Piston Seals

UHMWPE Seal Applications

UHMWPE is an excellent material choice for sealing applications that require better abrasion resistance.


⦁    Compressors
⦁    Food Processing Pumps
⦁    Fluid Transfer Systems
⦁    Insulators
⦁    Mixers
⦁    Packaging
⦁    Vacuum Pumps

Life Sciences

⦁    Surgical Tools
⦁    Autoclave Pumps
⦁    Instrumentation
⦁    Hematology Analyzers
⦁    Portable Oxygen Concentrators
⦁    Pharmaceutical Equipment

Oil & Gas

⦁    Surface Drilling Equipment
⦁    Downhole Tools
⦁    Subsea and Deepwater Equipment
⦁    HPHT Environments
⦁    LWD/MWD Tools

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