Polymer Concepts Technologies, Inc.

AS 9100C

ISO 9001:2008


Polymer Concepts Technologies, Inc.
is an engineered seal company specializing in polymer seal technology.

We engineer, design and manufacture standard and unique seal solutions for a broad array of industries who require the unique properties of Teflon®. These PTFE seals include spring energized seals, elastomer energized seals, rotary shaft seals, as well as custom seals designed and manufactured from other high performance polymers.

Our polymer seal technology is required in applications that include extreme operating conditions exceeding the capabilities of standard elastomer seals. These capabilities could be in the form of: high-and-low temperature extremes, media compatibility and/or low-friction requirements. Polymer Concepts has developed cryogenic seal designs for aerospace applications, as well as industrial process equipment applications. To the other extreme, we have developed high-temperature, dynamic, metal-to-metal piston seals for tomorrow's technology.

Polymer Concepts Technologies office building